• Structured Packing for Mass Transfer and Separation


Structured Packing By SCube Mass Transfer

Facilities like processing plants, offshore drilling locations, and refineries perform chemical separation functions called mass transfer functions. In these functions, liquids like gasoline and water are purified to get rid of contaminants. This procedure takes fruition by pumping liquids into the scrubber column, where the liquid is segregated from pollutants and particulates.

These facilities use packing within scrubber columns, providing huge surfaces where mass transfer occurs. Packing captures moisture and particulates, heat and pressure inside the column driving water vapor up and away from liquid running down the column, making way for a fast and efficient separation process as a whole.

Packing materials inside the tower are available in a range of types and forms-one type of packing is referred to as Structured Packing.

Structured Packing

Structured Packing is a kind of organized, synchronized column packing where materials are specifically designed and arranged into geometrical patterns-marked deviation from random packing which fills the column with random structures.

In Structured Packing, discs of honeycombed materials are placed inside the column, compelling fluids to take complicated pathways down the column’s length. These long, complex paths create a large surface area for contact between liquid and packing material without hindering gas flow.

Engaging History of Structured Packing

Structured Packing has always been an option for scrubber columns for decades. Such a concept first made its inroads in the early 1940s and found its patented form in the 1950s. These initial iterations primarily employed wavy-form sheet metal, new iterations using wire mesh later developed in the 1950s and were widely used until the 1970s. This second generation of mesh bore testimony to restricted usage owing to high cost and low capacity.

The third generation of Structured Packing columns came into being in the late 1970s with corrugated structured patterns, providing higher capacity at lower cost with an overall better performance. This new structure was tweaked in the following decades, leading to changes in the shape and design of materials for improving the surface area, and wettability with other factors.

Currently, one can avail of numerous Structured Packing, primarily constituting thin metal sheets or wire gauze. Plastic and porcelain alternatives are also available in keeping with the processed liquid type.

Structured Packing is employed in distillation and absorption procedures, best applied in low-pressure and low-irrigation applications. Common applications include:

  • Offshore Drilling due to increased liquid spread from Structured Packing aiding in counterbalancing constant tilt and motion effects.
  • Natural Gas Dehydration, with natural gas requiring to be dehydrated before it passes through the pipeline, and Structured packing being 50% more efficient than tray technology, is used for decreasing absorption column diameter significantly reducing expenses.
  • Styrene Manufacturing involves using a distillation column with Structured Packing offering low bottom temperature and low-pressure drop, preventing polymerization during manufacturing and producing purer styrene.

Types of Structured Packing

  • Gauze is woven Structured Packing consisting of wire gauze material creating very small openings for maximizing surface area, preferred for low liquid rate applications and areas requiring the lowest possible pressure drop per theoretical stage-an apt and ideal choice for processing specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, temperature-sensitive material.
  • Knitted wire packing consists of multi-strand wires knitted into high-density mesh used as one-piece layers or stacked into near-solid bricks, offering large surface area and efficient mass transfer with high-pressure drop than gauze packing.
  • Sheet Metal constitutes sheets of textured metal material arranged into bundles, significantly less expensive than wire materials. It’s durable and capable of handling an extensive range of liquid and vapor rates and process services, with applications including vacuum, atmospheric distillation services, and wastewater treatment functionalities.
  • Grid packing comes in two types-corrugated sheet packing and stamped blades connected to panels, having high durability and fouling-resistant-best choice for extended operation in fouling services like fractionation and wastewater treatment.

Advantages of Structured Packing

  • Low-pressure drop, making it a suitable choice for more volatile chemicals.
  • Large surface area than other packing methods.
  • High efficiency for separation and filtering compared to tray & random packing.
  • High capacity allows columns to be more efficient, packing more volume than other packing types and improving operational expenses and rates.
  • Maximized liquid and gas flow than random packing, making it a better fit for high flow rates.
  • More resistance to corrosion & temperature than other packing methods.

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