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S-Cube Mass Transfer structured packings are formed from multiple layers of metal lath that were corrugated and assembled in such a manner as to produce a honeycomb-like structure. In a refinery vacuum column, Solvent Recovery Column. S-Cube Structured Packing has very less pressure drop to Random packing and bubble-cap trays.

S Cube Mass Transfer Private Limited offers high performance Structured Packing that is manufactured by us, using high raw materials like SS 304/304L, SS316/ 316L, Duplex, 904L, etc. These are technically advanced equipment available with assured performance in process column for purifying solvent all the way through Distillation.

Its unmatched quality and unique design have improved the efficiency and capacity of the product. Its excellent and incomparable features have attracted millions of buyers from worldwide. So, we are accredited as one of foremost Manufacturers, Exporters and Wholesale Wire Mesh Structured Packing Suppliers from Pune (Maharashtra), India.

Despite of this, it is used for increasing vapour-liquid contact and thus, there is a variety of surface enhancements that are easily accessible for promoting liquid spreading over the packing surface.

Features of Structured Packing

  • High void volume in the packing bed
  • High mass transfer surface area
  • Very low pressure drop, highly recommended for vacuum distillation system
  • Higher vapor load capacity compared to random packing and trays
  • Pressure drop per theoretical stage 0.5-1.5 mbar/m (For Standard System)
Structured Packing – Scube Mass Transfer

Specifications of Structured Packing’s

  • Offered in specific mass transfer surface areas (m2/m3) of 125,250,350,500 & 750
  • Materials used are like SS 304/304L, SS316/ 316L, Duplex, 904L, etc.
S Cube Structured Packing SURFACE AREA (SQ.m./CU.m.) F-Factor No. of Theoretical stages per meter ht. (NTSM)*
SCM 1.25 L/M 125 3.5 1.0
SCM 1.70L 170 3.0 1.5
SCM 2.0 L 200 2.7 2.0
SCM 2.5 L 250 2.2 2.3
SCM 3.5 L 350 1.8 2.8
SCM 5.0 L 500 1.5 3.8
SCM 7.50 L 700 1.2 4.5
SCM WM 5.0 M 500 2.2 6
SCM WM 7.5 L 750 1.5 9

Laboratory Packing

    • Packings for small laboratory column diameters for preliminary assessment of separation tasks
    • Highest number of theoretical stages
    • Low pressure drop

Wire Mesh Structured Packing

Wiremesh packing has been successfully employed in the industry for more than 20 years allowing difficult separation tasks to be accomplished. They are generally used in small to medium diameter columns for separation requiring maximum number of theoretical stages in minimum column height.

Applications of Wire Mesh Structured Packing

  • Ranging from laboratory columns to large scale process systems
  • Solvent revival
  • Close boiling components distillation
  • Azeotropic distillation
  • High vacuum process columns
  • Appropriate for batch & continuous distillation systems as well
Wire Mesh Structured Packing – SCube Mass Transfer

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