Type of Stripper Column

Our process specialists can support you with optimally designed stripping columns. We supply firstclass components and equipment, or entire plant solutions, providing you with an excellent performance/cost ratio. Stripper Column is a part of zero Liquid Discharge system.

1. Structure Packing with Trays-
This type is specially used with below feed for high TDS or Solid concentration.
2. Stripper Column with Total Trays-
This type is used for very high TDS & cleaning frequency 10 days.
3. Structured Packing & Random Packing below feed used for the less TDS feed.


This basic operation in fluid processing serves to remove one or more lighter components from a liquid mixture. These components can be dissolved gases or lighter chemicals. The purpose of this process is typically to recover products from a liquid phase or to remove pollutants from wastewater. S Cube has extensive experience in the successful design of stripping systems, especially combining a stripping step to remove solvents from wastewater with additional processing steps to purify these solvents.

Main benefits

The design of stripping units is geared to provide you with improved column performance, increased capacity and reduced energy consumption. Design activities are supported by computer simulations and in-house pilot plant testing. Our vast experience and know-how in the field of stripping combined with an in-depth understanding of column hardware ensures we provide you with the optimum solution.


We offer you complete lines of column internals, packing or trays that can satisfy any stripping requirement, together with a basic engineering package and other key equipment such as column shells, column packings & internals, heat exchangers, and decanters. You can also choose the delivery of a complete, often skid-mounted unit including process control and start-up support services.

Packing Configurations for Distillation

Type of packing trays and internals used for stripper column are as follows,

A] Random Packings

Random packing is packing of specific geometrical shapes which are dumped into the tower and orient themselves randomly. The capacity, efficiency and pressure drop characteristics vary with packing size and type. Random packing has more risk than structured packing and less ability to handle maldistributed liquid. There some type of random packing.

Stripper Column – Scube Mass Transfer
random packing.
Packing Configurations for Distillation – Scube Mass Transfer
Distillation Trays – Scube Mass Transfer
Sieve tray – Scube Mass Transfer

B] Structured Packing:

Structured packings are used in the following applications:

  • Difficult separations which requiring many stages such as isomers separation.
  • High vacuum distillation
  • In the column revamps structured is use to increase capacity and reduce reflux ratio requirements.
  • Used in absorption, in an application where high efficiency and pressure drop are needed.

Distillation Trays

Once the process design stage ends, the equipment design begins. This stage of design converts process requirements into actual hardware.

Selection Guide for Tray Column:

The factors discussed below influence the choice between trays & packings. As these are guidelines for selection of trays or packings for a particular service, it is recommended to analyze each design case on its own merit for selection.

Types of Tray

The particular tray selection and its design can materially affect the performance of a given distillation, absorption, or stripping system. Each tray should be designed so as to give as efficient a contact between the vapors and liquid as possible, within reasonable economic limits.

Sr. No. System Favouring Tray Column System Favouring Packed Column
01 Solid handling Vacuum system
02 High liquid rate feed composition and
Low pressure drop application,
Revamps- The pressure drop reduction
03 Large diameter columns Small diameter columns< 900 mm
04 Performance prediction is easy Corrosive system Or Foaming system

A] Valve tray:

Valve trays are perforated sheet metal decks on which round, liftable valves are mounted. The vapors flows through valves which are installed parallel to the outlet weir. Valve trays combine high capacity and excellent efficiency with a wide operating range.

  • Excellent liquid/ vapors contacting.
  • Higher capacity.
  • Higher flexibility than sieve trays.
  • Can handle higher loadings.
  • Low-pressure drop than bubble cap.
Valve tray – Scube Mass Transfer
Valve tray

General Arrangement for Supplied Stripper Columns

Random Packings – Scube Mass Transfer
Supplied Stripper Columns

B] Sieve tray:

Sieve trays are flat perforated plate in which vapour rises through small holes in tray floor, & bubbles through liquid in fairly uniform manner. They have comparable capacity as valve trays.

  • Simple construction Low entrainment
  • low cost Low maintenance cost
  • Low fouling tendency
  • Less-flexible to varying loads than