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Types of Tower Packing
Raschig Ring

The Raschig ring is a piece of tube that is used in large numbers in a packing column. Raschig rings are usually made of ceramic or metals, and they provide a large surface area within the column, allowing for interaction between liquid and gas vapors.

  • Pall Ring
  • IMTP Saddle
  • Plastic random packing
Random Packing – Scube Mass Transfer


Pall rings are the most common form of random packing. Pall rings have similar cylindrical dimensions but has rows of windows which increase performance by increasing the surface area. They are suited for low pressure drop and high capacity applications.

They have a degree of randomness and a relatively high liquid hold up, promoting a high absorption, especially when the rate of reaction is slow. The cross structure of the Pall ring makes it mechanically robust and suitable for use in deep packed beds. We offer different types of Intalox Saddles like Ceramic Intalox Saddles, Polypropylene Intalox Saddles, PVDF Intalox Saddles. The range consists of Metal Intalox Saddles, IMTP Saddles, Ceramic Intalox Saddles, PVDF Intalox Saddles and PP Intalox Saddles. Chemical, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Chlor-alkali, Soda Ash, Sulphuric Acid, Pulp and Paper industries are some of the industries where these Intalox Saddles are used.

Pall Ring Sizes
Normal Size (mm) 13 16 19 25 38 50 75
Number Per Cubic Meter 400,000 210,000 100,000 51,000 13,500 6,500 1,820
Specific Surface Area(m2/m3) 430 345 250 208 131 98 71
Void Fraction % 90 93.1 94 94.5 95 96 96
Packing Factor F 73 71 63 48 28 20 18


Intalox saddles is mainly designed for distillation operations. After knowing the advantages of intalox metal tower packing in distillation, manufacturer has recommended its other purpose especially in stripping, absorption, liquid-liquid extraction, and in heat transfers as well.

IMTP Saddle Sizes
Normal Size (mm) 15 25 40 50 60 70
Specific Surface Area(m2/m3) 305 226 151 100 80 60
Void Fraction % 97 97 98 98 98 98

Plastic random packing has been used successfully as an inexpensive and efficient ways to increase tower capacity and efficiency. There are numerous process advantages that can be realized by using plastic random column packing in many applications. The predominant reasons for using column packing is to reduce pressure drop throughout the column, to increase capacity compared to trays at the same efficiency, and to reduce the liquid holdup in the column. Plastic random column packings are not as bulk as ceramic equivalents and therefore offer higher capacity and lower pressure drop.