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S Cube Mass Transfer Pvt Ltd manufactures of Column Internal that used in distillation procedures. We use premium grade raw materials in order to provide you best performing column internals. In any column system, packings can give an optimum performance only when complemented with appropriately designed tower distributors, collectors, supports and other column internals for optimum liquid – vapour distribution to the packed beds.

Liquid Distributor Solutions

The efficiency of packed bed systems largely depends on effective liquid distribution. Our collection encompasses an extensive variety of liquid distributors tailored for diverse needs. We provide:

  • Distributors for liquid loads ranging from 0.02 m3/m2h to 400 m3/m2h.
  • Solutions for high turndown rates.
  • Distributors designed for heavily loaded columns, ensuring optimal liquid-vapor separation with minimal pressure drop.
  • Distributors suitable for suspensions, emulsions, and liquids prone to fouling or contamination.
  • Distributors optimized for dynamic conditions.
Columninternals Liquid Distributor Solutions

Discover cutting-edge liquid distributor solutions for various applications, including VEP type, Channel Type, Pipe type, Chimney Tray, and Liquid Distributor Cum Collector, by S Cube Mass Transfer Pvt Ltd. Learn how our expertly engineered products optimize channel distribution for superior industrial processes.

ColumnInternals Channeltype Distributor

Channel type Distributor

Channel type distributors are versatile and can handle a wide range of liquid loads. They are particularly suitable for large diameter columns.

  • Specific Liquid Load: Ranges from 0.05 to 70 m3/m3h.
  • Column Diameter: Ranges from 0.9 to 10 metemrs.

Liquid Distributor VEP

VEP distributors are known for their high efficiency and are commonly used in precision applications where accurate liquid distribution is paramount.

  • Specific Liquid Load: Ranges from 20 to 70 m3/m3h.
  • Column Diameter: Ranges from 0.2 to 1.5 meters.
ColumnInternals Liquid DistributorVEP
ColumnInternals Throughtype Distributor

Through type Distributor

Trup type distributors are robust and can handle varying liquid loads, making them suitable for dynamic operations.

  • Specific Liquid Load: Ranges from 20 to 70 m3/m3h.
  • Column Diameter: Ranges from 0.25 to 3 meters.

Pan type Distributor

Pan type distributors are compact and are ideal for columns with space constraints.

  • Specific Liquid Load: Ranges from 0.1 to 100 m3/m3h.
  • Column Diameter: Ranges from 0.25 to 0.8 meters.
Column Internals Pantype Distributor
Column Internals Chimney Tray Distributor

Chimney Tray Distributor

Chimney Tray distributors are designed for high-capacity operations and can handle large liquid loads efficiently.

  • Specific Liquid Load: Ranges from 0.1 to 100 m3/m3h.
  • Column Diameter: Ranges from 0.8 to 10 meters.

Pipe Type Distributor

Pipe type distributors are rugged and are designed for extreme conditions, especially in large-scale industrial applications.

  • Specific Liquid Load: Ranges from 100 to 300 m3/m3h.
  • Column Diameter: Ranges from 0.8 to 20 meters.

In conclusion, the choice of distributor type depends on the specifi requirements of the operation, such as the liquid load, column diameter, and desired efficiency. Proper selection and design of distributors are essential for the optimal performance of packed columns.

Column Internals Pipe Type Distributor

S Cube Mass Transfer Pvt Ltd: Your Partner in Efficiency

At S Cube Mass Transfer Pvt Ltd, we stand as a testament to unwavering commitment and innovation. Our liquid distributor solutions embody expertise, authority, and trust, backed by a legacy of successful installations across diverse industries. We understand your unique process requirements, offering tailor-made solutions that optimize efficiency and elevate your operations.

Sr.No. Distributor type Specific Liquid Load(m3/m3h) Column Diameter(m)
1 Channel type Distributor 0.05 - 70 0.9 - 10
2 Liquid Distributor VEP 20 - 70 0.2 – 1.5
3 Through type 20 - 70 0.25 – 3
4 Pan type 0.1 - 100 0.25 – 0.8
5 Chimney Tray 0.1 -100 0.8 - 10
6 Pipe Type 100 - 300 0.8 - 20

Distributors play a crucial role in the operation of packed columns in the chemical and petrochemical industries. They ensure the uniform distribution of liquid over the packing, which is essential for efficient mass transfer. The table below provides a detailed overview of various distributor types and their specifications:

liquid collector

liquid collector are mainly used to collect liquid from above packing bed and ensure uniform vapour distribution.it can be designed for total as well as partial draw off. Open area, allowable pressure drop, height of collector, liquid & vapour loads, column diameter and quantity of Liquid draw-off are the main parameters in collector design.

ColumnInternalsliquid collector
ColumnInternals Grid Support

Grid Support

Support grids are engineered to offer the necessary strength to uphold packed beds during regular operations, ensuring there's no hindrance to the column's capacity. These grids facilitate efficient gas and liquid circulation, minimizing the potential for liquid flooding within the system.

Multibeam Support

Recognized as one of the top random packing support grids, the multi-beam packing support boasts superior stiffness and a robust loading capacity. This allows it to endure intense pressures from both packing and flowing liquids. The design of the multi-beam packing enhances its open area, making it a preferred choice for large diameter and heavy-duty distillation columns.

ColumnInternals Pantype Distributor
ColumnInternals Bedlimiters

Bed limiters

Bed limiters from S Cube serve as protective barriers for separation vessels. These components are designed to counteract unexpected bed movements, like those caused by pressure spikes or significant liquid and gas surges. By using bed limiters, the risk of damage is minimized, and the movement of packing materials within the system is controlled.