Distillation Column Internals

S Cube Mass Transfer Pvt Ltd manufactures of Column Internal that used in distillation procedures. We use premium grade raw materials in order to provide you best performing column internals. In any column system, packings can give an optimum performance only when complemented with appropriately designed tower distributors, collectors, supports and other column internals for optimum liquid – vapour distribution to the packed beds.

Column Internals – Structured Packing

  • Channel type Distributor
  • Liquid Distributor VEP
  • Liquid Distributor-Trough type
  • Pipe Type Liquid Distributor
  • Chimney Tray
  • Liquid Distributor Cum Collector

Column Internals – Random Packing

  • Organic chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Drug And Dye Intermediates
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aromatic And Essential Oils
  • Agrochemicals
  • Pesticides And Fertilizers
  • Alcohols
  • Oil And Gas Industries
  • Drug Intermediates
  • Bulk Drugs

Application Areas of Column Internals

  • Liquid Distributor
  • Channel Type
  • Antenna Type
  • Pan distributor
  • Bed Limiter
  • Multi Beam support
Multibeam Support – Scube Mass Transfer

Multibeam Support

Packing Support – Scube Mass Transfer

Packing Support

Liquid Collector – Scube Mass Transfer

Liquid Collector

Liquid Distributor – Scube Mass Transfer

Liquid Distributor