Structured Packing
Corrosive Environment

Ceramic Structured Packing

Ceramic surface can generate extremely thin liquid film. Turbulent liquid flow and tortuous vapor flow passages promote mixing of liquid and vapor with a low pressure drop. These are reasons that our ceramic structured packings have the same mass transfer efficiency as metal packings. Meanwhile, they are much more resistant to corrosion and high temperature than metal packings.

The surface structure of ceramic packing can promote its wetting and help maintain liquid hold-up at a minimum. Thus, chance for the system to be overheated, polymerized and coked can be minimized. These type of ceramic structured packing find applications in deaerators, flue gas coolers, HCL absorber, CL2/SIO2 Scrubbers

Ceramic Structured – Scube Mass Transfer
Structured Packing Corrosive Environment – Scube Mass Transfer
Ceramic Structured Packing – Scube Mass Transfer


  • Excellent surface wetting ability, larger mass transfer area, and higher separation efficiency owing to the special surface structure
  • High compressive strength
  • Available specific surface area between 64m2/m3 and 500m2/m3
  • Little magnifying effect
  • More fields/conditions to be applicable

Ceramic Structured

Distillations and Absorption of strong corrosive mixtures

Type Void % F-Factor m/s (Kg/m3)1/2 NTSM
250Y 80 2.5 2.5
350Y 78 2 2.8
500Y 72 1.5 – 2 3.8

Structured Packing

PTFE Structured Packing used for corrosive application like absorption and distillation columns and chemical reactions. PTFE Structured Packing typically consist of thin corrugated sheet. PTFE sheets arranged in a way that they force fluids to take complicated paths through the column, thereby creating a large surface area for the contact between different phases.

PTFE structured packing is used as a replacement for ceramic saddle , it is high durable and getting more number of stages than ceramic saddle.

S Cube PTFE Structured Packing

    • It is a completely chemically inert material
    • It is strong but light in weight
    • It gives rise to adequate area for both Gas & Liquid
    • streams without excessive liquid hold up and less pressure drop
    • It provides good contact between liquid and gas
    • It is washable and reusable
    • It is unbreakable too
    • It is energy conserving

    The packing is available for column sizes from 50 mm to 500 mm

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PTFE Structured Packing & PTFE Column Internals:

Ceramic Structured Packing – Scube Mass Transfer
Ceramic Structured Packing – Scube Mass Transfer
Ceramic Structured Packing – Scube Mass Transfer