Pall Rings – Types & It’s Specifications?

Derived from Raschig rings, pall rings are used in applications involving the transfer of gas and liquid. They are a form of random packaging. Pall rings are designed to maintain uniformity in distribution and resist the pressure against wall channel inclination. It has many contours and crevices designed to control gas and liquid transfer rates. […]


Column Internals and Their Components

Columns form an integral aspect of chemical and thermal separations. The efficiency of the separation process, however, depends on various internal components. So, let’s look at the internal components of column internals. What are Column Internals and types of Components Below is a brief explanation of column internals and their components that aid various aspects […]


Distillation Column and its Internal Process in the Oil and Gas Industry

Distillation involves separating a mixture of multiple components into their pure form by heating it to the temperature between their boiling points. The process forms an integral part of the oil and gas industry. However, how do distillation column internals work in the oil and gas industry? Let’s see. Distillation Column Internal Process in the […]


Types of Demister Pads for Wet Scrubbers

Wet scrubbing involves removing solid or liquid particles from a gas stream, which is incorporated with liquid-like water to control the particulate matter.  Types of Demister Pads for Wet Scrubbers In machine-oriented workflows, moisture eliminators and control systems are imperative. The effective functioning of a wet scrubber demands inertia and dispersion. Wet scrubbers use demister […]


Types of SCM Demister Pad/Mist Eliminators for Oil and Gas Industry

Wet scrubbers are a wonderful alternative for air pollution control since they provide a controlled, effective solution for removing undesired air contaminants. Organic and inorganic pollutants, including those that cause illness, deplete ozone, or alter ecosystems, can be removed. Dry or wet industrial air scrubbers are available for removing pollutants. Wet scrubbers use liquid solvents […]