What is The Use of Static Mixer in Industries?

An Engineering device that is used for mixing fluids without even moving components can be categorized as Static Mixer. Generally, it is used for mixing liquids, but if required it is also used to mix the immiscible liquid and mix disperse gases into liquid. The loss in pressure as fluid flows through the static mixer gives the energy needed for mixing.

Plate type mixer is one of the designs of a static mixer. Also, another type of device consists of mixer elements contained in a tubular or squared shape. A rectangular plate in a static mixer is twisted at 1800 to make a double helix shape. S Cube made static mixer can be categorised based on the elements as SMV and SMX. S Cube Mass transfer Pvt Ltd, a genuine producer of mass transfer equipment’s and static mixer supplier covers wide range of such mixers with customized structures. If you have any such requirement of static mixer then directly contact us sales@s3dist.in or visit us at www.s3dist.in

1.  SMX Element

2. SMX Element

Mixer can be turned in right or left direction (viz. clockwise and anti- clockwise). The smooth side of the mixer separates the liquid flow. This arrangement helps liquid mix more efficiently. Static.

Uses of Static Mixer in Chemical Industries: –

Static Mixers are preferred in the case of various washing and extraction operations where plants are required to handle immiscible liquids and gases. Many washing and extraction processes require dilution and mixing of concentrates which can be done by simply adding a static mixer to the flow. Static mixers are also used for mixing gases with the air in front of catalytic reactors such as in Nitric acid production.

Dissolving gases into liquids such as NH3, SO2, Cl2. can be easily achieved by using a static mixer. In major industries where mixing of highly reactive material is needed to be done in short length/space, static mixers are mainly preferred. In Chemical Industries, to withstand all types of alkaline and basic chemicals, coated static mixers are used. Generally, if the compatibility of materials with the process is matched then a Stainless Steel Static mixer is used. Also, heating and cooling of viscous material is a major application of static mixers.

Water Industries where the main issues of affinity with almost all chemicals and acids are made in such case coated static mixers are used. Wherever there is the compatibility of the process with material especially in the case of pharma and chemical industries stainless steel mixers are used. S Cube Mass transfer has combined experience of more than 50 years is a genuine producer and supplier of static mixer. We, S Cube can provide any such requirement with all the flexible customizations you want. Connect us at marketing@s3dist.in

Uses of Static Mixer in Oil, gas and Petrochemical Industries

Application of static mixers in Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries includes Laminar flow heat transfer and mass transfer, measurement of fiscal quantity, dispersion of liquid and gases, reactors used in industries, blending of concentrates, mixing of additives and many more can be done by using a static mixer. In the case of petrochemical industries, to provide uniform and homogeneous feed to refinery mixing of crude oil is necessary. Such kind of mixing can be done by using a static mixer.

Oil Industries demand contacting crude oil with water to get optimized desalted performance which indeed can be done by using a static mixer. Industries are required to add additives into gasoline, lubricating oils & fuel oil which can be done by using a static mixer. Also for processes like mixing of gases like methane for feeding into the reformer and for contacting used lubricating oils with sulphuric acid for treatment of waste oil.

In Petrochemical, Oil, and Gas industries where maximum space is covered with massive equipment’s minimal space is required for static mixer followed by the quick installation. As no parts are moving inside the mixer it is easy to handle and free of maintenance. Such equipment needs can be fulfilled by S Cube Mass Transfer Pvt Ltd. with all the promise of authentic materials and masterpiece engineering.

Use of Static Mixer for Food Industry: –

Static mixers are regularly used in food processing industries to provide homogenization of materials. Flow energy is the only energy used by a static mixer. This easy-to-operate device has a very easy working methodology and hence is preferred widely. Food Processing Industries has many applications for static mixers like blending fruit juice concentrates, adding CO2 gas to fruit juices, wine, beer, etc. Also for types of fluids, there are different types of mixers are available.

Static Mixer is also used for mixing flavours, vitamins, preservatives in other fluids while it also has the application in diluting concentrates and heating & cooling Chocolate. Any such special requirement of static material can be fulfilled with all food grade materials. Connect us at marketing@s3dist.in

Use of Static Mixer for Water Treatment Plant: –

In water and wastewater treatment plants, static mixers are used for many purposes like dilution of flocculants and addition of it to wastewater. Dilution of other gases like CO2, O2, Cl2, and O3 into the water can be done by using a static mixer. Also for mixing ground and surface water and many aerated drinking water processes static mixers are mainly preferred.

Use of static Mixer in Pollution Control: –

Static mixers can be used to mix low and high temperature flue gas, low and high concentrations of flue gas components, and low and high quantities of particle in flue gas, among other things.

Use of Static Mixer in Pulp and Paper: –

Static Mixers for the pulp and paper industries save energy, give chemical savings to fulfil rigorous environmental requirements, and deliver a continuous and consistent mixture quality over a wide variety of throughputs as compared to mechanical mixing equipment.

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