Demister Pad, Mist Eliminator, Catching Mist, Wire Mesh Demister, Mesh Mist Eliminator all is same. Its only one device which helps to separation of the liquid droplets/ Moisture from the gases.

Demister Pad is a device which helps to removal of entrained particles from the vapour flows. These devices can provide wide range of services for various applications.

When the presence of mist or moisture rises in the vapour flow, there will be carryover of moisture or mist along with vapour. It can lead to serious loss of process fluid in the operation. To avoid such unnecessary loss and to enhance the efficiency of the process demister pads are used.

Operating conditions of the process or the process optimization, avoiding corrosion, enhancing equipment’s life, decreasing air pollution and ultimately protecting environment can be followed by the use of demister pad.

When it comes to the removal of entrained particles from the gas or vapour flow, there will not be other device which can match with the application of demister pad. It becomes extremely effective in the mist separation process. Efficiently designed, well-engineered, perfectly installed and its withstanding ability simply make it an accurate product for industrial purpose for 100% solvent losses or emissions. Manufacturing of such devices can be in various sizes as per the process recommendations. They can be designed for flexible applications and even for a complicated area as well with custom build facilities.

Working Of Demister Pad –

Demister Pads are structured in such a way that only vapour should pass through it while entrained droplets should have stuck in between. Further they unable to escape and get back to the pool.
These devices are made up of various materials where various metal sheets are arranged in specific way with some angular corrugation in them which helps to filter the moisture from the gas/ Vapour flow by creating the obstacles.

Principle behind this device is diffusion. The raised mist from the vapour flow strikes to the surface filament of the mesh. Where the mist or moisture will get diffused on the filament surface. The accumulated moisture forms the droplet which further gets back to the pool.

Features Of Demister Pad –

  • Simpler in structure.
  • Portable and Lightweight.
  • High porosity, offers low pressure drops.
  • Large surface area and higher separating efficiency.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Corrosion resistive.

Maintenance –

After long service, Demister pressure drop in the demister pad will get increase. The gases flows through the pads blocks the mesh of the device which further affects the separation efficiency and performance also. That’s why, regular maintenance is must to recover the performance of the device.

Placing device under sunlight after the application of dilute acid is a general maintenance for all kind of devices. Further cleaning is required.

Types of Demister Pad –

1. Metal Type –

This device includes of stainless steel material and non-SS metal as well. As it consists metal, it has high strength and strong in mechanical properties. They are compatible with the heavy duty and high loaded applications. Material SS also offers outstanding corrosion resistance capability where chemical stability can be used for the highly corrosive cases.

2. Plastic Type –

This device is very lightweight and economical compared to metal type. They are lower in cost but offers the same performance considering efficiency and durable. Material can be PP, PE, PVC PTFE demister pads also. They can easily transport and installed on vessel as they are lighter in weight. Their temperature and corrosion resistance qualities make them useful for long term as well.

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