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Chetan Sayankar
Managing Director /CEO

Chetan B Sayankar is a spade of ace in the Biodiesel and Biofuels sector. With almost 14 years of extensive contribution as a consultant, he has engineered and commissioned over 15 + medium and large scale manufacturing plants for biodiesel, first & second generation ethanol, metering skids, and gas recovery.

Chetan holds a diploma and bachelor’s degree in Chemical Technology. He has widespread experience in Process engineering research, Business development and Management. He holds a patent for Selective enzyme based process for biodiesel manufacturing and has published several research articles in international journals and conferences.

Having a passion for cleaner planet and for the people who wish to contribute to it, Chetan has a wide-spread network with professionals across the globe. To Keeping this dream in mind he started S- Cube Mass Transfer Pvt Ltd.


To become a leading single point solution provider with the greatest value and developed strategies to exceed the expectations of our partners and clients by keeping quality and ethical dealing as priority.


To develop & deliver cost effective reliable solutions with quick adaptability and customer centric approach through a standardized process and innovative thinking which would lead to achievement of common goal in an eco friendly way


To consistently explore the new horizons of the science and technology by preserving philanthropic cultural, social and environmental morals

Business Principles

Customer Offering

S Cube Mass transfer Pvt Ltd shall ensure that all of its products shall meet all the applicable regulatory requirements. S Cube Mass transfer Pvt Ltd shall also develop its products with focus on our core values quality, safety and optimum performance.

Accounting and Reporting

All financial transactions shall be reported in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices and the accounting records shall show all transactions in a correct and a non-misleading manner.

Marketing and Sales

S Cube Mass transfer Pvt Ltd shall ensure that it shall present all of its products and services accurately and not make any statements providing misleading information regarding its products or their performance.

Fair Competition Practices

S Cube Mass transfer Pvt Ltd Shall not exchange any information or enter into understandings with competitors, customers or supplies which may influence the market place in a negative way.


Expert Team

Mrs. Pallavi Sayankar

CFO/ Director of Global Accounts

Pallavi C Sayankar is a spade of with almost 12 years of extensive contribution as a IT consultant, with various know companies like Cognizant, Mphasis , Maersk etc Pallavi holds bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering . She has widespread experience in Branding handling IT and accounting.

Dr. Bharati Sayankar / Yenurkar

Technical Advisor / Electronics and Telecommunication

Dr. Bharati does have vast experience in developing new technologies in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication, VLSI, Embedded ,and other engineering fields. She does have International publication in web of science and scopus, 3 patents and  her area of expertise is Network on chip architecture. She does have good management skill and appointed as a subject area expert for  S Cube in   decision making   for ongoing and future Projects. She also guided more 20 UG and PG projects  and currently PHD Research scholars pursuing PHD under her guidance  Dr Bharati  associated as a Dean school of Engineering and technology in a reputed university. One of her project is selected as  “Title device free Indoor positioning system”  in CII, which is one of the unique project in India .

Mr. Pranav Kawale

President – Marketing

Mr. Pranav Kawale has around 14 years + experience in Marketing for Process Industry, Market Research and Customer Relationship Management for Domestic and International Clients Specific to Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemicals, Cements, Pharma etc. Experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the machinery industry, Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Sales, Market Research, and Management.

An effective communicator with excellent analytical ability, strong aptitude skills and with a keen eye to handle complicated documentation.

He has been instrumental in Starting the EPC and Process Equipment manufacturing unit in Ador Welding Limited.

He has also represented Various Companies in Global Platforms in South East Asia, UAE, Indonesia, and the African Market.

Dr. Shashank G. Gaikwad – Scube Mass Transfer

Dr. Shashank G. Gaikwad


Division: Chemical Engineering & Process Development, NCL, Pune
Education and Experience: Ph.D. (Tech.) in Chemical Engineering and M. Chem. Engg. from Inst. of Chemical Technology (ICT, formerly UDCT).
Research Professional, GE India Bangalore (2008-2012)
Scientist, CEPD Division, NCL, Pune (2012- till date)

  • Continuous process for synthesis of Paracetamol
  • Extraction of Curcumin from Curcuma amada and Curcuma auromatica.
  • Reactive extraction of Carboxylic acid.
  • Continuous extraction of acetic acid from aqueous phase using packed column.

Research Areas

  • Process Development and Process Intensification Solvent Extraction
  • Gasification
  • Mixing
  • Synthesis of Fine chemicals
  • Cavitation in Homogeneous/Heterogeneous systems

Important publications

    • Gaikwad, Shashank G., Kamble, Sanjay P.; et al., “Process intensification strategies for enhanced holocellulose solubilization: Beneficiation of pineapple peel waste for cleaner butanol production”, Journal of Cleaner Production, 199, 937-947, Oct 2018
    • Gaikwad, Shashank G., Chavan, P. V., Bankar, S. B. et al., “New Insight into Sugarcane Industry Waste Utilization (Press Mud) for Cleaner Biobutanol Production by Using C- acetobutylicum NRRL B-527”, Applied Biochemistry And Biotechnology, 183, 3, 1008-1025, Nov 2017.
    • Gaikwad, Shashank G., Chavan, P. V., Bankar, S. B. et al., “Sustainable biobutanol production from pineapple waste by using Clostridium acetobutylicum B 527: Drying kinetics study”, Bioresource Technology, 225, 359-366, Feb 2017.
    • Gaikwad, S. G. and Pandit A. B, “Ultrasound Emulsification: Effect of ultrasonic and physicochemical properties on dispersed phase volume and droplet size”, Ultrasonic Sonochemistry, 15, 554-563, April 2008.
    • Gaikwad, S. G., C. Reddy V. and Pandit, A. B., “Ultrasonic Atomization – A novel technique for surface coatings”, Surface Coatings International Part B: Coatings Transactions, 88, B3, 157- 230, September 2005.
    • Gaikwad, S. G., Patwardhan, A. W., “Mixing in Tanks Agitated by Jets”, Trans IChemE, Part A – Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 81, 211-220, February 2003.

Dr. Sara Koohikamali

Principal Food Scientist

Dr. Sara is an experienced Research and Development Scientist. She made her Ph.D. in the Food Process Engineering  at University Putra Malaysia and has been a post-doctoral visiting scholar at Texas A&M University, Food and Protein R&D center. For over 8 years, she has been an Assistant Professor and a faculty member of the Department of Food Technology at Azad University, Tehran, Iran. She taught to the undergraduate and graduate students, conducted researches in the field, and supervised more than 15 M.Sc. theses.

Sara has years of experience in designing, executing, and leading research projects from bench-top to full commercialization.

Her activities focus on research and developments of fats and oils, essential oils and botanical extracts, biodiesel optimization, and sustainable energy sources. Dr. Sara has also conducted much comparative research on the formula development of animal- and plant-based protein isolates, alternative meat analogs, as well as on nutraceuticals and functional foods. Other fields of her expertise include the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and compliance with FDA 21 CFR 117, 111, and 121 regulatory rules.

In conjunction with her researches, she has published book chapters as well as 12 peer-reviewed articles in the leading journals of the Food Science. To date, Dr. Sara has delivered presentations at several international conferences and received the developing countries sponsorship award from IUFOST international conference, Montreal, Canada for the merit of her topic and her oral presentation in 2015.

She is now a technical advisor who strives on problem-solving projects in the food and beverage industries. She also manages some voluntary tasks such as being an active editorial board member of the Food Science journals and serving as the director-at-large at the North California section of the Institute of Food Technologists (NCIFT), the largest Food Science event of the year.

Anil Anant Nandedkar – Scube Mass Transfer

Mr. Anil Anant Nandedkar

Consulting Civil and Structural Engineer

Education and Experience: I am a passionate Civil & Structural Engineer having vast experience of 20+ years in a wide spectrum of projects of different scale involving multiple engineering disciplines. Main areas of expertise include Oil & Gas projects, Refinery projects, Industrial projects, tall buildings.
In the early stages of my career I worked with reputed organizations such as Tata Consulting Engineers, Gate city, GS Engineering & Constructions, Wood Group, NPCC Abu Dhabi.
Over the years, I have played an influential role in a number of notable projects, right from concept study, FEED to EPC phase of projects in sectors like aviation, hydropower, oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical. During my stint in the United States, I worked on various construction projects that included parking decks, water treatment plants, schools and commercial buildings. I have worked as PMC engineer for ADNOC Offshores for approximately 5 years.
Specialised in:

  • Plant Engineering
  • Structural analysis and design of pipe racks
  • Analysis and design of equipment foundation
  • Dynamic analysis for foundations of vibratory machines.
  • Design of various concrete buildings in plants
  • Design of various drainage systems in plant.

Main areas of expertise include Oil & Gas projects, Refinery projects, Industrial projects, tall buildings that included the following activities

  • PMC : Experience in PMC position for Conceptual Study, FEED and EPC projects for 4.5 years with ZADCO projects
  • Have experience in Concept Study, Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and detail engineering (EPC phase) of projects.
  • Structural Analysis using STAAD Pro for concrete as well as steel structures.
  • Design of various structures – Control room buildings, substations, storage tank foundations, pipe racks, process plant structures in steel and RCC, equipment foundations, anchor blocks for cross country pipelines, foundations for major equipment, design of pile and raft foundations, combined and isolated footings, various plant and non-plant structures, road layouts, plot plans, drainage systems etc.
  • Design of equipment Foundations for static as well as dynamic machines such flare stacks, vertical & horizontal vessels, skids, pumps, Waste heat Recovery Unit, Gas Turbine Generators, and Diesel Generators.
  • Design of precast concrete pipe racks and socket foundations for the same.
  • Design of underground pits for closed drain vessel. Pit based machine foundation for plate bending machine.
  • Conversant with British and American codes of practice
  • Supervision and checking of reinforced concrete (RCC) general arrangement (GA) and detail drawings.
  • Interaction with other disciplines of engineering for data flow and interfacing
  • Attending Technical meetings with Clients for resolving technical issues.
  • Preparation of refurbishment packages for civil and structural works (Maintenance of old structures)
  • Preparation of Civil/Structural/Architectural Scope of Works, Specifications, addendums to COMPANY specifications, Drawings etc.
  • Evaluate Change Orders (Variations of works and Time Extensions) and provide recommendations.
  • Technical evaluation of tender documents at various stages of projects.
  • Project co-ordination and team management
  • Participation in 3D model reviews, Constructability reviews, Value engineering, HAZID, HAZOP, Risk assessment workshops.
  • Preparation of refurbishment packages for civil and structural works (Maintenance of old structures)
  • I have worked on various projects for GASCO, ADCO, ZADCO, SHELL, and Dubai Civil Aviation

Awards: Second prize award for paper submitted in National Level Technical Colloquium organized by Crescent Engineering College, Madras, for ‘Eq. Resistant Low cost house buildings’ – 1994.

Mazi (Maziar) Ghorbani – Scube Mass Transfer

Mr. Mazi (Maziar) Ghorbani

Founder & CEO, Business Development

Mr. Ghorbani has been a serial entrepreneur and inventor, founding and leading several successful companies including being the founder and president of Advance International, Inc. and co-inventor of the Seavior System, Advance Protein Powder, and Super Omega 3 oil manufacturing.

He is also the owner of a food ingredient products company, Red Gold Saffron. He is the co-founder of Pledge to Humanity, a non-profit organization dedicated to humanitarian relief around the world. He has pioneered innovative companies in various fields, such as AVA (Advanced Vehicle Armory) inventing numerous unique manufacturing methods and devices for executive protection vehicle manufacturing and Diamond Seal & Keytronics Vehicle Security Systems. His main passion is his efforts in fighting global starvation and malnutrition among children around the world.

Fred Jewett, MS, CFS – Scube Mass Transfer

Dr. Fred Jewett, MS, CFS

Director Operations and Food Technology

Mr. Jewett has over 30 years of experience as a Food Scientist that includes quality management, food safety & microbiology, sanitation, and research & development of both food products and of manufacturing processes.

While Mr. Jewett has worked with products as diverse as mayonnaise, micro greens, mozzarella, and marshmallows; his expertise has been developed in food safety/microbiology, food-protein functionality, quality program development, HACCP, the Global Food Safety Initiative, Food Label Nutritional/Regulatory/Organic Compliance, and in all aspects of dairy product manufacture & QC.

Mr. Pavan Gadhave

Head – Logistics

Pavan is having good logistic experience, he is working in Freight Forwording & logistics industries from the last 10 years and has vast knowledge in this industry. Relevant industry experience in logistics operations, shipping, receiving, warehouse operations, inventory management, and import/export operations experience. Good marketing skill and coordination skills.

He looks after all the operational activities for S-Cube’s shipments.

Ramya Poojary

7+ Years in Customer support in logistics

Ramya is having a stronger customer experience, good relationship and vast experience in Customs & Documentation. Interact with customers to provide and process information in response to inquiries, concerns and requests about products and services. Well manage administration and accounting . Good product knowledge and arrange inventories accordingly.

She looks after all the logistics Operation for S-Cube.

Mr. Dheeraj Upadhyay

5+ Years in Logistics & Planning

Having excellent communication skills, looks after Planning, execution, Co-ordinates with vendors regarding shipment readiness and planning the Shipments accordingly. Directing all transportation activities. Planning routes and load scheduling for multi-drop deliveries. Good marketing skill and coordination skills.

He looks after Local transportation of S-Cube for All Indian Shipments.


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